7 SPICES. Indian Street Food

The basic idea of the project is to present a unified image of Indian cuisine in a contemporary style. The design of the logo recalls the dynamic rhythm of city life: the flowing lines represent its search for new combinations and tastes; the dots, meanwhile, represent a sprinkling of different spices. The basic colors are white, black, yellow, pink, purple, red and turquoise. 7 spices, 7 colors. 

All the stylistic elements of the logo are inspired by experiments in the kitchen, encompassing a mix of smells from various seasonings. It offers a fresh view on India, as adapted to modern city life and different audiences, from sophisticated lovers of Indian food to complete newcomers. It is a move away from the traditions of Indian patterns while, at the same time, retaining the mood and feel of the country.

PROJECT DIRECTORS: Ivan Vratskih, Anton Nazarenko, DESIGNER: Yulia Lavrova