GINGER fresh-cafe. Street food

The concept of a vegetarian mobile Ginger fresh cafe - healthy and affordable food Indian cuisine in a modern reading. Project-transformer opens a new direction of Street food in Russia. It is developed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts life and active people of all ages. Particular attention - a new generation of young people, from 18 to 45 years and children. We use environmental technology and dishes, maximally saving the environment. Our main difference - it is fully equipped with modern equipment kitchen space. Location: Street Art Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

PROJECT DIRECTOR: Yuriy Vratskih, MASTERMIND: Elizaveta Vratskih, DESIGNER, MANAGER, Communication with contractors: Yulia Lavrova, ENGINEER: Mikhail Agamoglanov, CHEF: Navin Gupta, TECHNICAL PAINTING: Kirill Svityaschuk, PHOTOGRAPHER: Yulia Nekrasova
Winner at Behance Portfolio Review St Petersburg. October 2016.