Landing Pages for Skyeng

The largest online English school in Eastern Europe. Skyeng currently caters to 100,000 active students and has 10,000 teachers on their books. Teachers provide one-to-one English lessons to students through the interactive online classroom, Vimbox. We have created a lot of projects and events for our teachers in Skyteach department. The goal is to develop their professional and personal skills, to maintain and promote interest and inspiration for working with Skyeng, and motivate to our students. Besides landing pages I have created advertising campaigns, targeted and print design.

HEAD OF THE MARKETING DEPARTMENT: Oksana Makeikina, EVENT/PROJECT MANAGERS: Andrey Pilgun, Victoria Eliseeva, Olga Eremeeva, Vasily Danilov. COPYWRITER: Irina Kulagina. DESIGNER: Yulia Lavrova.