Development of a visual concept and a corporate identity for the 10th Exhibition of Graphic Design (St. Petersburg), 2009

The project was included in the 100 best works of designers of Russia and neighbouring countries (2010).

The university diploma project on the subject: "Aesthetics of art mob as a stylistic basis design events". Project include development of: basic elements; media corporate identity; series of posters, a series of image posters, adaptation of graphic material in the urban environment, the concept of shares to the exhibition, image-flash-movie to the event. For a basis of visualization of captured image motion, spatial chaos, the intertwining of meanings and associations, the connection of ten numbers which forms the world. Key slogans: "Space is symbolic", "Time 
is significantly", "Art-mob of signs". The complex interaction of numbers 10 and the aesthetics of art-Mob provide the following possibilities for the development of the project: "Sign" (logo) - as the identification element of the competition. 10 - Identification element of art mob, code shares. Household font - headset of art mob, plastic language shares, propaganda. A new language, new understanding of reality, the image of the event. The project exists within the experimental study of a new phenomenon for the Russian reality, accumulating the creative energy of many.
Diploma project advisor: Elena Shlienkova, Project for Vasily Shishkin